About us:

Group Intellect Power Technology Europe GmbH (in short: GIPT Europe) is the European sales subsidiary of Group Intellect Power Technology Ltd., a company that has enjoyed success in the power supply and charger sector for more than two decades.

In Europe, we specialize in the efficient handling of complex applications, starting with advice and planning to R&D and manufacture. Our production facilities in Asia are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14,000.

Our office is located in a modern building complex at the harbor in Münster

What values are we defending?

Together with our headquarters in Hong Kong, we feel committed to the continuous development of our services.

Our entrepreneurial actions are guided by respect, trust, professionalism and integrity. We are concerned with a corporate culture in which responsible and morally perfect acting and striving for performance are not contradictory.

We work passionately on our customers’ projects. By providing competent and foresighted advice we always offer our customers a comprehensive overall spectrum of services. Our team is characterized by customer support, kindness, experience, qualifications and, above all, reliability – not always a matter of course these days.